Company voluntary arrangement

Ease cash flow pressures

If your business is experiencing cash flow issues and creditors are seeking repayment, a CVA can help. This is a legally binding agreement between your company and its creditors.

Pay back a percentage of debts

We will review your company’s financial situation and, if appropriate, help you structure a CVA proposal that will allow your business to pay back a percentage of its debts over an extended period of time. Payments are usually monthly and may continue for several years, relieving the pressure on your cash flow.

Entering into a CVA has many benefits for insolvent companies and creditors. It allows your business to survive while offering the most effective way for your creditors to recover the money that they are owed.

Expert insolvency guidance

“Depending on its complexity, a CVA can be less expensive than other insolvency procedures. Because of the intricacies that are frequently present, the decision to use a CVA – and its implementation – should only be handled by experienced insolvency practitioners.”

Daniel Richardson, Partner – CG&Co

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