Protection from creditors

If your company is insolvent, entering a period of administration gives you the time to reorganise your business affairs while enjoying protection from any debt recovery action by your creditors.

Reorganise and restructure

As administrators we take charge of your company and run it as a going concern with you, while exploring the best way to rescue your business or maximise its assets.

If your business is viable, the administration process offers an effective way to restructure because it gives you the time to propose an achievable payment plan to your creditors that will eventually allow you to trade your way out of administration.

Expert insolvency guidance

“Entering administration is intimidating for businesses as it’s normally an unfamiliar process – but in some circumstances it can enable them to return to profitability. It’s for these reasons that companies must seek the most experienced and expert insolvency guidance at the earliest opportunity.”

Daniel Richardson, Partner – CG&Co

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